Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Little One is Getting Bigger!

We are discovering daily one of the Truths of Life: babies do not stay babies for very long. They quickly grow into Toddlers whose desire to Run and Explore far exceeds their ability to remain Still and Quiet. These factors must need be considered when planning to take said Toddler to a historical event, particularly when period dress is desired!

As was documented here in March 2010,
we had sewn an infant gown for the Little One in advance of her arrival. When she last wore said garment, she was still, indeed, an Infant. Now, no longer limited to sitting and cooing at events, her clothing had to adjust to her growing form. While her Mama is adept at sewing tucks and was thereby able to shorten the skirt and render said dress wearable to this small event, she did not think to Plan ahead and all this flurry of activity took place in the family vehicle only minutes prior to everyone’s arrival on the scene! All was successful in the end, but, alas, the infant gown, sized for true infants, will likely no longer fit in the bodice by the time of the next Occasion. Yours Truly must now contemplate the design and execution of a new outfit.

Ah, the timeless challenge of dressing a growing child!