Monday, March 23, 2009

Diversion Courtesy the BBC

Altho' Yours Truly is still terribly busy sewing not only a wrapper but a corded petticoat and refinishing a purchased silk dress, she still sometimes is able to find something to distract her. Today's discovery is an online game courtesy of the British Broadcasting Company. Try your hand at dressing up a figure in the costume of either the Tudor or more recent Victorian times. You have your choice of both female and (gasp!) male forms!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quite the Sew-n-Sew

Miss Elodie is pleased to announce that in less than two weeks she will be attending a delightful weekend filled with learning and laughter with other ladies of the same temperment. With only a few days left, the burning question on her's and everyone else's mind is, of course, what to wear? Daytime and dining are two events of concern, but foremost on Miss Elodie's mind is what to don in that time no longer so formal between dinner and bedtime...why of course, a Wrapper!

Alas, such an article had not yet made it into Miss Elodie's wardrobe and so what does an enterprising young miss do? Why sew one--and--rather ambitiously, without the aid of a machine. Will it be wearable (brava!) or a disaster (quel d'hommage!)

Tune in to see what creation falls off her needle using Past Patterns Wrapper #807 and this lovely brown print.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Passion for Fashion (Plates)

Those close to her know that Miss Elodie is an ardent follower of fashion. Now, when she refers to the word, she doesn't mean Fashion as in Fashion Week or Fashion Magazine. Oh no. Miss Elodie's mood for the mode is satisfied by the exquisite format of disseminating style: the Fashion Plate.

The magazine Godey's Ladies' Book is a particularly famous resource for Miss Elodie's obsession, but others such as La Mode Illustree and Pariser Moden are a delight. Recently she spent a splendid afternoon perusing a collection of plates. Soon dresses began to dance before her eyes and an entire wardrobe was inspired. Oh My!

Then the constraints of time and talent, not to mention her empty coin purse brought Miss Elodie back to reality. Alas, the wardrobe must remain locked and the dresses must need dance in her mind rather than on her figure. Nonetheless, Dear Reader, please enjoy some of these visual treasures and imagine the possible confections to be created!

Fashion Plates

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Surrender!

Sometimes Miss Elodie's ramblings turn beyond her own small world. Today she encountered the journal of a very busy lady who is also interested in making everyone's day a little brighter.

Mrs. G. at Pastoral Symphony Farm has taken on the challenge of harvesting and processing her own maple sugar and has even announced a contest in which the winner will receive a pint of her home-brewed confection.

Oh bliss!

What, ask you? How could it be that a sugar-cane-ophile be a devotee of syrup derived from from genus Acer? Simply this: fresh maple syrup is heavenly; besides, despite her family's two hundred-fifty years in Louisiana, they did spend a good century and a half settling Canada first.

Á La Douceur de Vivre!