Friday, May 4, 2012

Dress and Dinner Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Titanic: Or How We Were Determined to Not Go Down With the Ship!

The Captain and I had the good fortune to attend a Marvelous dinner recreating the menu served to the First Class passengers on the last evening of the Titanic's Fateful maiden voyage. Determined to make a splash--in her Entrance, not in the North Atlantic, Yours Truly decided to whip up a divine confection of a gown that the famous Lady Duff Gordon AKA "Lucille" would have envied. Photographs, fabrics, and fantasies were perused and examined. And then, reality dawned. Just HOW was this extravagance going to be realized?

Fortunately, the talented Mrs. Chancey at "Sense and Sensibility" (a well-named enterprise, to be sure!) offered a solution in the guise of her 1910 Tea gown pattern. From this template Yours Truly would construct the gown of her dreams!

Although sewing machines were the predominate means of creating dresses in 1912, in 2012, Yours Truly opted to utilize the most basic of tools of her craft: the needle, thread, and her own dimpled, thimbled hand. Why? For the better to be able to sit on the couch and watch Costume Epics, my Friends! 
The result of two months of work was a dress Green Satin overlaid with Black Lace and embellished with Caviar Beads and Sequins.

Sartorial Splendor was completed with the Captain wearing his Hospitaller Order of Saint John and a beaver top hat that dates from the 1890s.

Photographs taken in daylight at The Plantation show details not visible at the Event itself.

We are particularly proud of the Hat trimmed back when We were a mere Schoolgirl. Ah, the chapeau hasn't aged a day, although We Cannot say the same for Ourselves!

As to the Evening Itself, we had a Splendid Time! The meal was a never-ending succession of courses--10 in all--with vintage wines and champagne as accompaniment.

Never was Yours Truly so thoroughly stuffed as, alas, we did not do a very good job of pacing ourselves through the meal. Furthermore, We simply HAD to taste EVERYTHING! 


Deb Salisbury said...

What a gorgeous dress!

That looks like it was a wonderful event.

Amy said...

I gave you an award here: I hope you like it! :)