Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quite the Sew-n-Sew

Miss Elodie is pleased to announce that in less than two weeks she will be attending a delightful weekend filled with learning and laughter with other ladies of the same temperment. With only a few days left, the burning question on her's and everyone else's mind is, of course, what to wear? Daytime and dining are two events of concern, but foremost on Miss Elodie's mind is what to don in that time no longer so formal between dinner and bedtime...why of course, a Wrapper!

Alas, such an article had not yet made it into Miss Elodie's wardrobe and so what does an enterprising young miss do? Why sew one--and--rather ambitiously, without the aid of a machine. Will it be wearable (brava!) or a disaster (quel d'hommage!)

Tune in to see what creation falls off her needle using Past Patterns Wrapper #807 and this lovely brown print.

1 comment:

Norkio said...

Ooh, I have that pattern but have never found the time to make it up. I even have (loads of) fabric. I will eagerly follow your progress.