Friday, April 20, 2007

The Map Hatter, or, Bonnetmaking On the Road to Save Texas History

Oh my! There has been whispering around that Miss Elodie has gone into Trade. Lately she has taken to the road ready to lend her talents to gentlemen to whom she has not been introduced. Yes, money does exchange hands, but it is, of course, for such a Worthy Cause! What could so occupy her time and talents? Why she has been assisting with fundraising for the Save Texas History program!

This last excursion took her to the Civil War Reenactment held at the Confederate Reunion Grounds in Mexia where she wore the bonnet she created during the journey, handed out pamphlets, and generally stumped for Save Texas History. Never fear, Miss Elodie won't forget she is a Lady; she wore her most respectable dress and was careful to remain with her escort. Sometimes even the most retiring of Ladies need to get up and speak! And speak she did! She and The Judge sold several copies of the Phelps and Watson's Historical and Military Map of the Border and Southern States. Before, Miss Elodie sat hidden behind the display performing intricate searches through agency files and allowed The Judge to do all the talking. Now that she has had a taste for canvassing the crowd, perhaps Miss Elodie will consider a political career...

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Russell said...

Women in politics?
The scandal!