Wednesday, May 9, 2007

All Is Vanity!

Miss Elodie was in fine form this weekend as she attended a ball during the spring pilgrimage in Jefferson, Texas. Ever careful of her appearance, she made a grand entrance in her favorite gown with her hair arranged in an elaborate knot.
Her impeccable toilette was not, however, as successfully achieved by her friend Miss J. Alas for the hapless Miss J., not only had she neglected to check the fasteners on the back of her gown thereby necessitating the use of those newfangled "safety" pins to give purchase to the hooks, but, horror of horrors, in the middle of the Virginia reel, she lost the hairpiece on the back of her head. This is perhaps the second worse thing that could have befallen her.

Yet Miss Elodie must congratulate Miss J. for keeping her composure such that she was able to dash over to her seat, deposit her crowning glory, and return to the line without her partner even being aware of what had just transpired. Indeed, such is Miss J.'s enthusiasm for the Virginia Reel that she completed the set and even smiled despite her braidless state during her tenure as the distaff side of the lead couple when it came their turn.

That, my dear reader, is the epitome of a lady.

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