Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All that shines isn't necessarily silver **but Miss Elodie certainly enjoys seeing it on her table!

Miss Elodie has been on a collecting spree and silver is what is on her mind. Is she hoping to corner the market then hoard the metal until it's value goes up? Why yes, but only if it is in the shape of a lovely tea set or serving piece. (Note: she has no intention of ever selling them!)

Her love affair with l'argenterie began at a tender age when her beloved Godmother began her collection of demitasse spoons. Every Christmas for the first twelve years of Miss Elodie's life she received another ornately engraved spoon.

Other gifts and purchases followed which were added to family pieces including place settings for twelve, bought in the depths of the Depression, which had once belonged to her maternal Grandmother.

Miss Elodie dreams of actually using her treasures beyond displaying them and relishes in the idea of having a full banquet. Ah, were but her dining and drawing rooms a bit larger...

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