Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Remembrance

Miss Elodie would like to extend to you her best wishes for Valentines. The day has special meaning for her for several reasons not the least being that she was baptized on that date by her clergy father in his tiny Episcopal parish in Opelousas, Louisiana. Now Miss Elodie does not wish to divulge the exact date of the occasion, but her memories of the occasion are only through photographs.

Another reason she celebrates is because so many of her French-Canadian and Acadian ancestors chose to marry on February 14th. This seemed so romantic to Miss Elodie until her mother pointed out that the Date was one of the last available before the beginning of Lent. So, perhaps the 14th was chosen more out of the wish for the newlyweds to stay warm until spring!

Lastly, she remembers the occasion because of the propensity of her ancestors to be named "Valentine" Her great-great-great-grandfather Valentine Cunningham was the last of these, though he and his descendents continued the practice with "V" names. Although she is a lover of traditions, particularly those familial, Miss Elodie is rather happy she was left out of this convention.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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