Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catch the Ball!

It's no secret that Miss Elodie loves to be invited. To what may you, dear reader ask? Why to almost anything, but particularly to an event that involves dressing in her finest and dancing well into the night.

With the ├ęconomie in its current state, some have had to cancel due to a paucity of responses.

Quelle trag├ędie!

Will this be the end of grand evenings and intimate suppers?

What will the kid glove makers, fan repairers, and petit-four decorators do to survive?

My dear readers, we are on the verge of collapse of an entire industry
-- le Bal Grand is in danger of extinction!

Please, take heed!

When the invitation arrives in the mail, search your pocketbook as well as your heart. Give in to the lilt of the music and attend. So many people, including your author, are depending upon you!

1 comment:

Annette Bethke said...

Miss Elodie,
Yes, I too, am in despair at the lack of elegant entertainment. Thank you so much for this heart felt plea to the community. What are we to do?

Annette :)