Friday, February 20, 2009

Mad about the Menger

This past week Miss Elodie had the honor and privilege of attending a Valentine's Day Ball at the historic and beautifully appointed Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

While most visitors spend most of their time at the San Antonio de Valero Mission, also known as the Alamo, located just next door, Miss Elodie must confess that the surroundings of the Menger are more to her liking.

Here in the Victorian Lobby The Party gathered for the Parade into Dinner.

Later, the doors to the Ballroom were opened and Miss Elodie and her Partner were second in line for the Grand March. The evening would have been perfect had not History Repeated itself again when Miss Elodie made one misstep during the infamous Virginia Reel and made more contact with the ballroom floor than she would have preferred. Nonetheless, the Dance takes precedence over any personal Discomfiture therefore she completed the Reel and enjoyed the remainder of her evening.

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day that will be enshrined in her memory. Miss Elodie hopes yours was as special!


Deb Salisbury, The Mantua Maker said...

Hello, Miss Elodie,
What a beautiful hotel! I desperately wanted to see a larger photo of your dress, but that one didn't enlarge.
The event looks like a great deal of fun!
Best regards,

Jennifer P. said...

check out here:

Lauren said...

How fun! The event looks lovely.

Lauren said...

How fun! The event looks lovely.